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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by SoulFulFrog, 2/18/16.

  1. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    Two high end frogs just went on ebay to the same buyer. I wish I could have afforded those. A banana beat and a st. Patties. Damn $810 for the banna and 525 for the patties. I wonder who got em. It's the first time Ive seen these pop up there. Perhaps things to come.:shock:

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  2. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    Anyone know if these two are worth that.

  3. the_owl


    Patties are for sure. Banana beat? I dunno. A Pair sold on here a while back under $400
    but I guess theres two different banana beats and all the extras can make it valuable

  4. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    It's funny this pair was the yellow and white so the first drop. The sale said nothing of the hat or any extras. Thanks for the info.

  5. OGfrog


    I know the buyer. He got a great deal. Both those frogs used to sell for 1500 a piece. Speaks volumes about how dead the market really is.

    Guy who sold them apparently has nothing left.
    SoulFulFrog likes this.

  6. Belfry


    The banana had no box or pos which the better packs had when first released ......these had no etched lenses Esther not worth the figure it went for

  7. OGfrog


    @Belfry this pair never came with a box or etched lenses. They were never even released. You are confusing it with the other lack luster banana beat pairs.

    This was a grail frog for a long time because no one knew if they actually existed they just popped up in images. There are a few in collections but this is one of the hardest and rarest frogs to track down.

  8. Belfry


    Only other time iv seen em they had stickers and a cap and other shizz.....maybe....trying to remember myself ....was never over whelmed with these considering the rareness

  9. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    OG who got em. He must be a great frog man. I'd love to chat with him. PM me bro.

  10. ericforman


    I saw the "rapper" Riff Raff in a pair of those Banana Beats in either an interview or music video and almost threw up

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