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Space Encoder

As you know the box is half the package with these things... They just DGAF! I got a 30% refund on the Dead Subs but with this one still available I would start the return process and purchase another.

Mine is still in process.... LOL! Took them 5 days to ship my last order.

No packing material, paper or the little air bladder? My last two orders had nothing inside and the shipping box was to big, allowing everything to bounce around inside.
I've contacted CS for a replacment. We'll see if they get back to me or not. If not, I'll just return in store and order again
Still available on the Oakley site. Hard to believe that there aren’t 940 people on the planet that want these.
Me too, I figured these would be gone in 24 hours at most. That box does look pretty awesome!