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Spares & Repurposing Section To Forum


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This is just a thought that occurred to me whist looking at @MysteriousRacerX post on spares and repairs.

Has anyone ever raised the possibility of having a section for a "Scrap Metal Exchange"?

A purpose built section dedicated to post bits from doomed X-Metals and giving them an outlet to be reborn as a useful parts. Knowing our community I am sure there are probably bots and pieces knocking around that may help revive someone else's pair of metals.

I am not sure whether this would be duplicating what the X-Metal exchange does or whether this has been raised before.
I wouldn't mind an overall scrap heap forum. Not just metals.
Thanks for the reply, was thinking this was going to get 0 interest LOL.

I just thought that it would be a nice place to put bits as a resource for others. Maybe, you could get a little money to fund a replacement or another project. Maybe "projects" could also be included.

One area that I have always wondered about was lenses. How many times does one lense get damaged and the other is OK. It might be a challenge since colours vary from batch to batch (particularly some types, e.g. fruby).
Stuff wouldnt sit around too long thats for sure.ive made several pairs from bits and pieces
Yep, that is my take on it. However, if you are looking for something it would be a good first port of call. I am sure that a pricing structure would sort itself out for each individual part. It could prove useful for you with your expertise in repairing horrors that others have caused.
Just post up your parts in the appropriate sales sections that are already there. Problem solved. We have been doing it for years
Just post up your parts in the appropriate sales sections that are already there. Problem solved. We have been doing it for years
I take your point, but if you are after parts you have to trawl through all the other bits. Now, if you could sort the posts on more than "selling", "buying" and "wanted" and add "spares" and "spares wanted" that would help a lot. I guess it is about the flexibility to sort things, maybe a whole section is OTT (no pun intended LOL!).

However, it cold be that there are not enough of these spares to warrant this attention. I see very few out there being sold.
I want to know where all of warranties parts are at at HQ
Have you ever approached Oakley as a service provider for proper X-Metal's? Since Oakley are discontinuing any kind of credible service for these items. Maybe they should open their vault to people like you to continue their legacy. They could charge for the items and maybe ask that the items be used for repairs and not making new fully fledged sunglasses, but at least allow access to the community for repair and servicing. After all it is not competing for business simply serving a highly appreciative audience to keep Oakleys golden years alive.

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