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Speaking of fakes...


I am Jim Janard's Cousin's Brother In Law
Someone probably already posted this somewhere but, I'm so shocked I had to show as soon as I saw the last 15 min. Is anyone else seeing this?

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Look good to me :crazy:
I just wanted to add that weird little emoticon dude. But seriously, I feel bad for the people who bid on these. They are obviously interested in xmetals and just don't know what to look for. Although, it's not uncommon for scammers to have people throw up bids (all part of the scam) to make people thinks it's a legit item (if there are other people bidding it must be real right? lol)

We have the internet for a reason, research! I actually got brought into buying X Metals by buying a pair of obvious fakes. I then researched what model they were copied from. Now, I have the "O" Jones". I have 3 more pairs coming soon so, I don't want to post a pic of what I don't have yet but, I think I am doing well for a newbie.