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SpecialAdvisor’s Mad Labs - Mars Leather Mods Plus

Sheesh…I think I get better pics most time without the light box! For color and tone pics.

All done…now to leave it alone till the lenses arrive on Thursday!


If you ever want to sell the rust, I’m in!! Love them!!! Very awesome

You are too kind Brother! …but ya know I don’t sell nuthin. Just an old Soldier tinkering!

Oh…and 🤫…there is one small 1/16th of an inch nick on the inside base of one of the orbitals from were my paws were manhandling the lenses in 😉. Which is why I started with rust and verdigris! Nicks, gouges, and lacerations welcome aboard! It’s called “Character!” 👽🤙

Gotta love that glow in the dark though…this stuff has an off the charts glow. Almost worth the 40.00 bucks a can! 💸

valve 1-0 mk 1 and 2-9.jpeg



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