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I should Work at Oakley
Tijuana BC Mexico
I am a fan of the Spikes and recently found 2 frames in what i think are Pewter and Titanium Matte Black.

I am thinkin of a project to make a custom Ducati pair since Oakley didnt make it.

It would be in either of the colors the frames already have only whit Red Icons and Red ear socks

As can be seen in the pictures they are missing the same arms on the 2 frames, maybe a dumb question, can the arm from 1 be used for the other ?? Is there a Left and Right arm for the spikes as indicacated on other frames

Another question can the earsocks be painted red ?? or will any other ear socks fit them ??

Here is some pictures and i am looking forward for input and comments on this idea.
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Ducati sounds like fun. Might want to change the color of the ear socks in addition to the icons.

You can't flip the arms.
Thanks @btw73 for the color of the ear socks i was thinkin of Red, maybe fited from another frame ??, since all of the oem ear socks are Black
And thanks for confirm that i cant flip the arms, i will have to look for at least 1