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  1. stephie

    stephie Oakley Beginner

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    So I've done a bunch of research and this is the information I've gathered so far:

    1) frames and jaws on asian fit and regular fit split jackets are identicial, no difference in curvature or stem length.
    2) the nose pieces on asian fit split jackets are bigger.
    3) regular split jackets ship with 2 sizes of nose pads (small and large)

    Are any if the above incorrect?

    And then...
    Are the large nose pieces from regular split jackets=nose pieces on asian fit split jackets? Anyone with both regular split jackets and asian fit able to answer, pretty please? If possible pictures with all 3 types of noses pieces (small, large, asian)?

    Thanks in advance!

    The rep at the oakley store seemed to be unsure but thought asian fit nose pieces are even bigger than the large that ship with regular splits.
    Last edited: 5/3/15
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  2. lastX

    lastX Oakley Beginner

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    I am by no means an expert on split jacket but I do own 4 pairs of split jackets. Frames (and jaws) for regular and Asian fit are the same. No difference in wrap. Both come with a small and large nose piece. The larger nose piece makes it "Asian fit." By the way, I do wear the Asian fit and I have talked to O store reps many times about split jackets. There are only two kinds of nose pieces - small and large.