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  1. Romeo Van Frogskinstein

    Romeo Van Frogskinstein Oakley Enthusiast

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    recently i saw this on the u.s. oakley site but within a very short time....vanished! i was interested in a pair to have an example of the new lens and this was a viable choice (the encounter oo blue p was not). curious as to why it was 'taken off' i contacted Oakley uk for info and was told it was discontinued. i googled it...nothing, tried google shopping...nothing. not a trace of it. then i see one review on o review, and one seller with 3 pair new in box on ebay sometime later. i got one of those pairs but since then i cant find one anywhere. does anybody know what happened to this piece? it seems to have been withdrawn rather than discontinued as it was available for too short a time and seems impossible (almost) to find it. id suggest if anyone sees one, snap it up, it could be a major item that slipped through a very small net. any info on it anyone??
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