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  1. PitBoss

    PitBoss Oakley Collector Premium Member

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    So I've gotten my new splits and all of the sudden it dawns on me.
    I want to mix and match to get my ultimate sj combo.
    The primary frame will be the OO9099-06 black ghost text frame.
    but I want to use the +Red Iridium Polarized.
    Simple enough... Now im thinking of taking the icons and the bolts from the OO9099-07 also and put in the black frame to kinda continue the black red theme.

    But I dont know how to effectively change the icons. Anyone have a good take on this? I obviously need to reuse the icons, as the idea is just to take the reds from -07 and install on the -06.

    Any help here will be greatly appriciated
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  2. TexxxZ

    TexxxZ Big bearded baby

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    Hairdryer low setting scalpel type implement warm the frame/icon slowly lifting Icon trying to lift as much as the glue/bonding as possible for when reattaching Icon, to attach Icon just heat the Icon which in turn makes glue sticky again ..

    Simple really any idiot can do it .... Even me
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  3. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    theyll pop right out with a small exacto. No need for more glue. I swap RJ/Split icons a lot
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  4. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Swapped icons dozens of times including Splits. I recommend soaking France in hot water for minute to soften glue. If you need more adhesive, use double sided sticky tape rather than glue.
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  5. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    We're definitely going to need a pic when you're done.
    Just sayin'...