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  1. InfernoPhil

    InfernoPhil Oakley Beginner

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    Here's a lead on a display case. They said a liquidation company is handling getting rid of the fixtures. I have no affiliation with the store and no other information.
    Sports Authority Closing in Bakersfield CA - 9e1cbeb43bd96f933ed411fe0d46375b.jpg
    Sports Authority Closing in Bakersfield CA - 93b89ce52adc0ab997a11db4e5a2a862.jpg
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  2. SMman

    SMman Oakley Collector

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    I love that case. A local store here has the same one and only has 10 pairs of Oakleys in it. My wife laughed when I said I have more Oakeys than that entire store. I went in asking for Frogskins but the lady had never heard of them o_O. I'd love to have that display case! They aren't doing it justice here in my town.