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  1. Sven

    Sven Oakley Beginner

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    I already have some sunnies for active use, but they look way too sporty for casual. So, I'm looking for something that looks casual so I can wear everyday, but is lightweight and can be used on hikes and semi casual bike rides too. I like the idea of the rubber pieces on the Chainlink, but I prefer the looks and coverage of the Enduro.

    I can't try them on locally, so on paper the sizing of the Enduro looks nearly identical to the Holbrook, which fits me perfectly (not to big nor small). Any comments on the sizing difference between the Enduro and Chainlink, in particular the width? (I have problems with sunnies not being wide enough and pinching my head)

    Lastly, any thoughts on the Enduro's lack of rubber inserts when it comes to semi casual sport use like hiking or biking? I love how some companies like Kaenon and Costa put rubber inserts on nearly all their glasses, even if they are super casual looking. Sadly Oakley only does this to 'sporty' sets.

    Just looking for any friendly input or thoughts...thanks!
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  2. The Game

    The Game Oakley Collector

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    I'd take the chainlink. I have the enduro and it does fit like a Holbrook but I wore them an entire day at a theme park and my head began to hurt. I don't think this would happen with the chainlink because of the unobtainium.