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Square O Perf Wallet


Oakley Beginner
Does anyone here have one? I really like the look of it and think i want one. However, before pick one up i thought it would be nice to hear from a few people who own one. I am really curious as to the durability/life expectancy as well as the look and feel.
I have one of these, at least I think its the one you are talking about, very nice, only drawback was it didnt have an area for coins..
I know I'm a little late to the discussion, but I had one of these come through my letter box this morning, and it DOES have a coin pouch.

On closer inspection it appear mine is labelled "Oakley Europe Perf Wallet" as opposed to the "Square O Perf Wallet", but on the outside it's almost identical. I'll get some pics up when I've got some more time on my hands.
Thanks for the input, if i can find one for near half price i will be picking it up for sure.
I actually picked one of these up from Oakley HQ...paid full price but I needed a new wallet. Love it so far and build quality seems pretty good.
They're BIG......unless you're used to a bill-fold its pretty large.....I prefer a tri-fold.......I had one then sold it right away.....very nice but just big....all the Oakley bill-folds are pretty big.....I want the card case/titanium clip!
I have been using one daily for a year now, it was a Christmas present last year. I have the black one and it has been good to me. It's very durable and is the perfect size for a few cards and some cash. Funny about the Europeans posting now change pouch. Who carries change in the US anymore? In fact, who even carries cash now a days? I keep my wallet pretty slim with maybe 4 credit/bank cards, a drivers license, my concealed handgun license and maybe a receipt or two. If that sounds like your daily load, this is for you. If you carry more than that, get a purse! LOL