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Square Wire Question


Oakley Beginner
Hey all!

I just bought a pair of Oakley Square Wires and recently I've been looking online to learn more about them. After some google searching, i came across some REALLY bad reviews about the spring hinges breaking alot (Oakley - SQUARE WIRE Brown Chrome/VR28 Black Iridium (05-988) customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings). Now i'm thinking i made a bad buy :(

Can anybody here who has owned or heard a lot about the square wires confirm the quality of their spring hinges? And if the spring hinges really are that bad, is that the same case for all the spring hinges on other oakleys (such as the half wire 2.0)? sorry if this is a repost, i tried the search bar before. thanks!

The spring hinge on my dads square wire broke not to long ago. He usually doesn't wear them after I got him some whiskers. He took good care if them from what I could tell but it's something I haven't noticed people coming in at work with it.
I've read the same reviews....all I can tell you is this: I baby my glasses so maybe I'm not the best example, but JJ the year I owned my Square Wire it was in a 3 glasses rotation and I had no issues. As noted above the Whisker is a good alternative, but in my case the Whisker doesn't look good on my face but the Square Wire does