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Standard Issue Gascans Desert With Bronze Lense

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I have a pair of these and was thinking of selling them .There are 4 pair on Ebay ranging from 90 dollars to 200.00 dollars . They are all buy it now. I dont want to start a bidding war as that is against the rules but trying to figure out a fair price to ask for them. Any suggestions on price would be helpful. Then once I settle on price I can go about maybe selling them.
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Yeh I would say $90 is a fair price, these cost $65 on Standard issue, so I mean you would actually be making money. The only reason they go up to $200 on ebay is because they aren't available to the public and people are trying to take advantage of Oakley lovers but tripling the price for a good that some people don't have access too.
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Like others have said, $90 is fair seeing as they are still available. From what I can tell those trying to sell them for above that aren't getting any takers.
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$50 is reasonable
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