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Standard Issue


Oakley Beginner
Hi all, am new to Oakleys, did have a pair a year or so ago for about a day until my puppy ate them. I'm looking at the following pair:

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Standard Issue in MATTE BLACK / GRAY | Oakley

Slightly confused by the "Standard Issue" statement, I can't find any reassurance on the darkness of these lens in comparison to black iridium. I thought Standard Issue referred to the scheme for military/first responders etc.
SI aka standard issue is primarily sold to first responder/military at a discount. What you mentioned is matte black with gray lenses versus black iridium.....gray ones will not have a mirror coating like black iridium.

In terms of light transmission I think BI is letting in less light vs gray.
that's black iridium.