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Star Wars Discussion


M Frame Lover
Clarkston/Romeo MI
This will be my one stop before I see the movie. I won't watch the trailer, I won't be in any threads. I want my surprise level at 100% of what it is now, having seen some teasers.



Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
BTW I had posted in that "other" Star Wars thread about prepping The Kid to want to watch this movie, but got off the rails a little bit when she got scared of that scene halfway through TESB and didn't want to finish it...

Well, we're totally back on track. I didn't bring it up again but she kept wanting me to tell them as her nighttime "once upon a time" stories. Then on Sunday we watched the rest of TESB and all of ROTJ...

She talked frequently through the movies, announcing who she "is" ("I'm Chewbacca..." "Okay now I'm Princess Leia...") and telling me what happens next, even though she hadn't seen it before; apparently she was paying attention to my stories...

But the funniest quote? A scene in TESB where Leia gives Han a quick kiss on the cheek, she exclaims...

"She just gave him germs!"


It's almost to the point of "be careful what you wish for"... She still wants to hear a Star Wars story every night; I'm starting to get sick of repeating them... :headbang:

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