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Star Wars

He's going to have to change his name to Jar Jar Abrams if he screws it up. Also looking forward to Battlefront III. Star Wars kind of year.
My Boys are going to be Darth Vader and Yoda for Halloween.

I will take them to see the new movie i have been trying to avoid any plot info so i can go in Blissfully Ignorant and not have hyped it up in my head
I saw the original in the theater back in '77; I was about the age of The Kid back then. But I was like the last person to see it; everybody else had seen it multiple times before I finally talked my dad into taking us. It had been running so long by then, we were like the only people in the theater. But it was very gratifying to finally see it.

Then a few years later, he took us to a theater where we had to stand outside in line for hours in the hot sun. I had no idea why we were there, what movie we were seeing. Finally we get in and are lucky to find a few seats together and enjoy the AC.

It was the opening day of The Empire Strikes Back; he took us as a surprise. And, of course, that has remained the best movie of the series to date. For its own merits; not from my nostalgia... ;)

I was excited about the prequels before they came out, then disappointed after they did... the third one wasn't too bad.

But it's made me cautious about too much optimism with this new one - JJA makes good movies and I sure it'll be entertaining, but will it be awesome? And recapture the spirit of the originals?

I already don't like how they've changed the SFX for the light sabers...