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  1. bsheikhe

    bsheikhe Oakley Beginner

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    This may be an odd question but I have seen lots of pictures on eBay and on here of Oakley's with stickers on the lenses. Imwas always under the impression that no Oakley's have stickers on the lenses. Is that correct or am I mistaken? Thanks for the help/clarification everyone.
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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Those are fakes. Many fakes have an etching/sticker on the upper outside corner of the lenses. There are only two authentic stickers you will ever see on any Oakley glasses (if any). Here they are.


    Stickers - 093333848_093316201b35b4ee5da72ef17ca409c670d3b9b78e47dc90e.jpg

    Stickers - $(KGrHqJHJE8FGTrL-MCdBRsnCtgz8Q~~60_12.JPG?rt=nc

    Fakes have stickers like this:

    Fake etching:
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