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still hard at work, for whom have gotten to know me.


I am Jim Janard's Cousin's Brother In Law
Almost there. XM emeralds across the board, soon enough.
If you only knew the half of it. I gave up some really good gems to evenly trade for frames I did not have. Owned 5 Romeos at one point.
5 Romeos is a dream. I'm currently at 3, but still lack the Plasma/fire. Either you got really good deals on them or you have lots of cash. I know you got that one pair for a steal, but the other 4 must have been a fortune. I have not been able to get a deal on an R1 at all.
I'll be honest. I spend cash but, try to even it out. This is a hobby of mine so, spending comes with the territory. I am no better than anyone else here on the forum but, I do have money at hand. We are all chasing a dream. We also have to think, at what point is it going to be enough, and if there will never be enough, what void in our lives are we trying to fill? Collecting Metals and helping others along the way brings me joy. I just hope others here on this forum consider me as a Brother, as I do them.
I would hope everyone here is a brother to everyone else, especially the X-Metal community. We all have a common interest, so it should go without saying, brother.
Agreed. I have made many sacrifices to help my Brethren. I just hope that it was and is appreciated. This topic never comes up in the forum but, "One hand washes the other". And we have to remember that. Every transaction does not have to be for personal gain.