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  1. Riverrat33

    Riverrat33 Oakley Beginner Premium Member

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    How do store displays make it to the Open market? I see some for sale and just wonder. Is it just stores closing and they sell them or what?
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  2. Spenc

    Spenc Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Bit of both bro stores closing or just updated cases and old ones sold on
  3. knuckles

    knuckles Oakley Beginner

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    We sell Oakley's at our store and fairly recently got 2 new display cases to change out our older ones. Right now the older ones are in storage their fate yet to be determined. But a lot of time the shipping of one is over $100 because they have to go freight, so they can be hard to sell for a profit to the company so a lot of the time the employees get first crack at them. If you are looking to acquire one your best bet is to buy local and establish a rapport with the retailer and eventually let them know you are interested in any of their display or merchandising material they are getting rid of. Unfortunately on some stuff their can be several people interested in a particular item and you can get put on the list or as we sometimes do literally a name in a hat.
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  4. xmetal

    xmetal Oakley Enthusiast

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    I've gotten some from my store manager. The last one was from the Madman/Badman release and wasn't needed anymore, and HQ didn't want it back to she was just going to toss it. Instead of the garbage can it ended up in my office. :)

    Store displays - oakleydisplay.png
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  5. Hed568

    Hed568 Oakley Collector

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    Nice display