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Straightlink RX lenses are blurry when looking off center

Had mine for about a month(Straightlinks and Gague 8L), couldn't adjust to the no line/progressive, all the above issues. Having regular lined bifocals put in both. Just saying.

Carry on.
Got my re-dos with regular bifocals 2 days ago, still not happy. When they had me 1st try them on I told them, the line's too high, both pair. I was told "your eyes will adjust". BS, the line's too high. If I just sit, normally, in my chair and tilt my head back in the least, the line's directly in my sight. No bueno. For the money, I want them to satisfy me, not them. I'm gonna tell them to redo them again and lower the line. The tech said "you don't know how many times I've sent them back", nor do I care. I guess I'm gonna be a pita after all.

Pics for reference.