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  1. oscarin

    oscarin Oakley Beginner

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    Hi everyone:
    A while ago I purchased a pair of Frogskins "Ink Collection". They are Black Ink with Chrome Iridium Polarized lenses. Well, the problem is that one day when I was cleaning them I realized that they had a perfect rectangular shape on the inside part of each lense. I thought it was maybe a mark left by a suction device when they put the lenses on the frames. I took them to the store here in Chile and they sent me another pair. Well , take a guess: They had the same weird mark again. I asked them to send me another pair and AGAIN the same mark!Has anyone seen this strange mark on any of your lenses? I own 4 pairs of polarized Oakleys : Gascan, Garage Rock, and Jupiter Squared and NONE of them has this mark. I have to say though, I checked a pair of Sliver F´s and they also had this strange mark. I called Oakley to ask them what was that, but the representative couldn't tell what that was and said that they only deal with problems of products bought in the States. As far as I know Oakley polarized lenses, unlike other brand makes the polarization possible by fusion and not by layering. I uploaded a few pictures where you can see the mark
    I hope to hear Im not the only one with this issue.
    Greetings from Chile,
    Oscar :)

    Strange Rectangular shapes on Frogskins Polarized Lenses - IMG_5128.jpg

    Strange Rectangular shapes on Frogskins Polarized Lenses - IMG_5129.jpg

    Strange Rectangular shapes on Frogskins Polarized Lenses - IMG_5130.jpg
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