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Strip it naked...


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Naked Titanium that is... :biggrin:

Got a Ti R1 that has been neglected and spent a lot of time at the beach (sand around the orbitals). I was going to send it out to be customized, but that was too easy, so I decided to work on it myself. Besides, I wanted to save the serial, and If I didn't like the outcome, it's just a matter of shipping it for customization.

Started by sonic cleaning the disassembled parts with hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Did that a few times, and some of the coating started pealing off, so I decided to strip the finish by wet sanding. Already have an R1 that is polished (not chrome ;)), so I thought about a brushed finish. I used a 2000 grit initially to strip most of the coating, then a 600 grit, and finished it off with a 400 grit. I can probably achieve more brushed look if I use a 320 grit, but I like how it turned out. I'll probably send it out to one of the pros, but for now, I'll use the Naked/Brushed R1 (with cc +Red lenses) when doing yard work, or when I go to the beach. 🤙





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