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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Herbsley, 8/14/11.

  1. Herbsley


    As I have mentioned in another couple of threads, I have recently sold a few pairs from my collection - most notably, my FMJ/Ice OTTs, my M-Frames, and my Why 8.0s (Polished/Ti-Clear). This freed up some cash for me to buy other Os.

    So I've bought some Oil Drum 1 (Black/Amber-Black-Iridium) and Holbrook (Clear/Chrome) for me, and some Dangerous and Miss Conduct for Mrs H.

    (Side Note - Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Womens range is getting much more frequent - and more different - designs released than the Mens range these days?)

    Anyway, I've got money left that I want to spend on another pair for me (hey, they were my glasses that I sold!).
    And you know what? I never thought I would hear myself say this - and it is a real shame - but there is nothing that is screaming out BUY ME at the moment.

    I was quite excited when the Pit Bull was announced, being a cross between the MD and the Hijinx (two of my favourite designs), but then the colourways were announced and they are just so uninspiring to me. Eh? - yet another pair of black O-Matter for the collection? Meh.

    I've mentioned elsewhere that I am a collector who wears his collection - I'm not a display case dude - but I am finding myself getting a bit peeved that Oakley haven't released a truly inspiring "out there" MENS sunglass design for ages that I reeeeaaally want to buy. I have money right now, set aside to give to Oakley, but it looks like I'm gunna have to buy another pair of Juliets or something (no bad thing I suppose! haha) - cos I feel that both myself and Oakley are stuck in a rut.

    Has anyone else ever felt this way?
    And what did you do about it?


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  2. stevan5150


    I totally feel exactly the same way. Every time I stop at a sunglasses hut or an Oakley vault I just get annoyed that every thing in the
    Case looks exactly same and they all seem to be black and boring. Nothing looks inspired

  3. the piper

    the piper

    I actually prefer black and brown but do agree the styles have been lacking and with finances thrown in I am semi retired...I think everything should be in black brown in 1 frame and crazy colors for those who want them...plus if u have an even remotely smaller face the new styles aren't the best fit...since 07 the Fives 4.0 are the only new post Lux frame I own

  4. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    100% agree with you. I've been filling out my collection the last year.....but when I look at it, its "vintage" pieces-XX 24K, Juliet Polished Fire, Pit Boss TRON (which I specifically got because it has more "kick" to it). The only newer model I actually felt compelled to buy (and I bought two) was the Batwolf. I felt the fit on me was perfect and I thought the design really was special-but even then the only colorway they released that really jumped was the Clear Ice- I had to go build a Ruby set myself.

    But the collecting is going to stall here soon if Oakley doesn't get its creative streak back. The only pair of glasses I have my eye out for is the White Chrome/Positive Red Straight Jacket-then, that's it. Now, are there alot of collectors that LIKE what the company is doing these days? Of course-there are a number of them on this forum. But I am not one of them. I'm a pre-Lux guy (in fact when I think about it, the Batwolf is the only model I own that was designed POST Lux purchase). I think that says something and while I hesitate to say it again lest it sound like griping, the company lost its creative vision when Jim Jannard sold and was no longer the company's driving force.

    I have heard from a number of people that the company is coming out with some "crazy" stuff soon but I'll believe that when I see it.

  5. the piper

    the piper

    I have heard that for months I have also heard my hard cases backordered since June were 3-5 days from shipping for 8 weeks...If they can't prepare for supply/demand at least by next summer...I am not sure how that will work I can't afford/dont buy artist series or larger frames... soThe SJ2/Minute 2 were the last things I got when they came out...I have the +Red/Polished Black and with Matte Black as well in SJ...great combo...I saw the white ones everywhere but now have disappeared...If I come across them i'll pm u...r u looking for retail or less on those?

  6. Kaduku


    I know how you feel, I sold a lot of my old stuff that I don't use anymore and I have money to get some pairs but nothing is really screaming to me right now. I got a pair of Fast Jackets the other day for sports and they look cool but as for a casual pair I'm kinda laying low. I did think about some Frogs I saw at the store or the Guam collaboration Flak Jacket a local place carries here but nothing really reaches out. On the flip side if Oakley comes out with something new and we hold the money we'll be prepared :p

  7. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Thank you sir! Less than retail and new or truly like new. I actually bought a new pair of these 4 years ago for $105 when they came out and there was a glut but I didn't like them at the time (i know...duh).

  8. Herbsley


    What I've found post-Lux is that there seems to be a lot of doubling up on use of lens and frame design. So they make a lens shape for, say, the Crosshair - but you think that shape looks familiar in the Plaintiff or in a womens design with prettier ear-stems etc. Or you could argue that the Oil Rig is a single shield Oil Drum, and the Batwolf is a single shield Fuel Cell. All nice glasses in their own right, don't get me wrong, but I'd just love to see more new ideas instead of re-treads of old ones.
    The last pair of NEW design glasses I think I bought were the Scalpel - but, again, a limited choice of colourways, so it is yet another black/black pair in my collection.
    Come on Oakley - lets have a full-on new design to get excited about. Everyone on here will be ready to buy it!

  9. Oakley_Sight


    Herbsley try customising. I did this with a pair of jawbone when Oakley Europe had the problem with pricing the other week, team blue frame, white jaw & socks, pearl bolt, gold icons. Perfect for an Everton supporter too. Look at the Jawbone or Split Jacket? Also the Jury are nice. Regarding the Pit Bull the only ones i would have are the FMJ's. Most of my collection are the older models ie Monster Dog's, Splice, Fat Cat. I still think Oakley SHOULD do a Splice 2 as these were & still are a superb glass.

  10. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    i agree with Oakley_Sight. i hit a certain plateau a while back as well, and a few fellow O-fanatics got me into DIY customizing. and i must say, it was indeed a blast. kept me going til i found some other stuff that i looked forward to buy off the shelf. =)

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