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Suggest me an Oakley Watch


Oakley Expert
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West Michigan
Planning ahead and curious what suggestions may come up.
  • Tend to like watches around a 41~45mm dial size.
  • I prefer automatics or mechanicals over quartz (and if neither, solar like my Citizens).
  • I like darker metal appearances (pewter, darker titanium, etc), preferably a matte or sandblasted texture.
  • No real preference on whether the factory band is leather, metal, mesh etc. Though prefer comfort/breathability.
  • No intention of taking it into water, but would like it to be suitable for hiking/trail even if it gets a bit downpour.
On that last note, while I do like the idea of 'collecting', I'm not going to be throwing anything I use up on the mantle. If I have something, it's getting used for the purpose it was designed for.

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Oakley Expert
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Don’t Save Pictures of Me
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You don’t have to many options as far as autos. Your looking at a tb1, tb2, or a auto gearbox. Gearbox may be a built bulky for the size you like. Best bet would be a tb1 cost wise.

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