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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BADNESS, 7/28/11.



    I've been hitting the concerts pretty hard this summer!

    I'm off to see Soundgarden with Queens Of The Stone Age, Mastodon and The Meat Puppets at The Gorge in WA this weekend :cool:
    If you have never been to the Gorge...it is the best place I have ever been for an outdoor concert http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Gorge_Amphitheatre.jpg . It's just plain awesome!

    Then it's back to Vancouver for Slayer and Rob Zombie on wednesday :rockon:

    How about you guys?

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  2. The Game

    The Game

    Nothing good coming my way

  3. OBlazer


    Lollapalooza this weekend!!




  5. Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    Saw the Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes in the UK a couple of weeks ago, supported by Biffy Clyro, Tame Impala and Death Cab For Cutie.... gig of a lifetime, nothing will beat that



    Seen the Foo's 3 times...always an awesome show :cool:

  7. the piper

    the piper

    Wow I don't feel 48 til I read threads on movies and concerts...My big event is front row center tomorrow for Alison Krauss...a bluegrass contemporary singer no one here has probably heard of but with 16 grammys..I am old enough to know where Death Cab got their name ....



    That will be a sweet show. She's good :smile:

  9. the piper

    the piper

    Yeah i blindly got presale tix thru website and found out they are first row center..saw her with Robert Plant 3 years ago and saw Plant with Band of Joy in Jan- all great small venue shows I used to like U2 but their concerts are such a major huge flashy headache inducing- experience now that I go for smaller shows and have developed a love for what they call Americana...Plant(now) Alison John Mellencamp(last 2 cd's), T Bone Burnett, Patty Griffin, Darrell scott...roots music.. as well as old blues like Robert Johnson ...and its not a drunken ear shattering experience but one where band and crowd connect...Still love Zep but agree they should NEVER tour and become oldies act...I have seen "Spinal Tap" happen to too many classic bands



    Cool. I hear ya about the "Spinal Tap" thing!

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