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  1. buyoday

    buyoday Oakley Beginner

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    I always have loved the chrome supreme frogskins and I just saw these on eBay but i am hesistant about the listing. The user does have good feedback but there name is sup.rem.eny, which I don't know if thats actually supreme or just someone trying to fool people. Also all of the pictures seem to be just from google searches which is a big red flag for me. The price isn't insanely good, I've seen cheaper and more expensive. So I wanted to defer to the experts. What do you all think?

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  2. Romeo Van Frogskinstein

    Romeo Van Frogskinstein Oakley Enthusiast

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    The picture of the Frogskin, strap, and microbag on the wooden background seem genuine. However, there is no paperwork, internal plastic section, or outer labelled specific Supreme box so there is a significant amount missing... given the price, and considering 510 pairs were produced, my suggestion would be to aim for a complete perfect/near mint pair only.
  3. OGfrog

    OGfrog Oakley Enthusiast

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    I can sell you a pair at a cheaper price
  4. OOO

    OOO Be True

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    Note that these are w/o box, although Supreme croakie and Supreme bag are there.
    Would be closer to fair if box were in as well.