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Sutro S with either Prizm Jade or Prizm 24K lenses - can anyone shed any light on which might be best please?


Oakley Beginner
Hello Oakley people,

first post on here, as I am a tad confused.

I'm a die in the wool Oakley fan, have many sports and casual glasses, off the top of my head:
Half jackets
Monster Pup
Radar lock
Radar ev
Split jackets

There are others, but their names escape me currently!

As you may have guessed, I have a slightly smaller bonce than some, hence when the Sutro came out I wrote it off, but now there is the Sutro S, and at least in the UK, Oakley have 20% off their custom glasses - I have a couple of pairs of custom ones and am very happy with them.

My favourite lens has been the photochromic, though for some casual prescription driving glasses I did opt for 24K iridium which were excellent.

My main use for these Sutro S glasses though, is for cycling, road more than off road.

There are only 4 lens options offered, and only 2 I would really consider.
They are Prizm Jade and Prizm 24K - I can't tell if these are polarized or not?

Ideally I wanted the retina burn colour, but imho this looks pretty crap with the 24K gold lens, so may have to go for black lens surrounds, and retina burn arms.

What I am searching and failing to find anywhere, is what exactly the two different lenses are meant to excel in, I can see both have low levels of light transmission - does anyone have any opinions on how the two compare?

Full retina burn with Jade:

Full retina burn with 24K:

Black & Retina burn with 24k:

Frustratingly, when I did mocked these up two days ago, there was a yellow icon availble, but it has now vanished from the options............

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Collector
The Retina Burn arms with 24k and black orbitals is dope!
Jade is a neutral lens with a slightly rosy hue. 24k is a full-on contrast lens with amber overtones. Which one is better, is entirely subjective, but there quite a few threads on this forum showing the tint.

Prizm 24k: Prizm Rose Gold Polarized



Oakley Beginner
Thanks for the reply :)

Randomly the custom website options seem to change on a daily basis, and today was the first day that the frame was available in retina burn, and also 24k had dissapeared as an option!

Oh and critically to add, I received both the pairs I ordered to test, and I was amazed that the Sutro S was not right for me, in that my eyelashes were in contact with the lens - the Sutro on the other hand were fine, and marginally narrower than the Scott Shield glasses I love.

So this is what I plumped for in the end:




Hoping the matte arms will get around the slipping issue (if there is one) but if not, I may shoehorn some earsocks from another model onto them.