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Tail hook, tin can, or conductor?


Oakley Enthusiast
Just purchased my first pair of tail hooks. I already have 2 pair of rail pins. Thinking about a pair of conductor 8 or tin cans anyone have any feedback on them? Just seen a pair of tin cans listed and they looked very nice!! Also how long do I have to wait before I can contact someone or post in the exchange? I have 2 pair of minutes I might get rid of to get the new pair.


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I dont think you can go wrong with Tincans.
Carbon ear stems are more comfortable IMHO.
I think tinfoil Carbons are even nicer, a little more subtle looking.
Conductor 8 is a nice frame, spring hinge and more wrap.
Conductor 6 is a sharp frame too, less wrap than the 8
I say get at least one of each.

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