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  1. Skito

    Skito Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys,

    just got my X-Metal/Black Iridium R1 today. What can I say? They guy who sold it to me was kind of a pig and I disassembled the whole frame in order to clean it thoroughly. Let's say traces of skin and sweat had formed something that looked like disgusting cookie dough! :D

    After cleaning the frame I was amazed! The condition is superb and the frame has no scratches whatsoever. The original lenses with X-Metal engraving only have very tiny spidercracks (maybe 1mm) and minor scratches. They look much better than many of the ones you can find on Ebay.

    In order to prevent the cracks from progressing I loosened the top screws of the orbitals and also ordered aftermarket replacement lenses which I am going to put in them for display. My question now is:

    How do you prevent the lenses from cracking? How long does it take until the spider cracks start showing? Also one of the upper gaskets broke into two pieces when I opened the orbital. I ordered new ones, but I was wondering how you guys prevent that from happening?

    Looking forward to your advice! :)

    P.S. - Will post pics soon! :)
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  2. lithiumus

    lithiumus Oakley Beginner

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    Avoid pulling open the Romeo frames... i.e. stressing the nose bridge joints as that is where the frame grabs at the lens if stressed too much.

    Easiest way is to put on your Romeo by laying the nose bridge on your nose with ear stems pointing upwards, and slowly lowering the earstems down the sides of your head to your ears. The nose bridge will flex a little but not much.

    Pulling the earstems far apart enough to clear your head puts too much stress on the nose bridge esp if you are using 25 or 50 sized temple shox.
  3. Phibz408

    Phibz408 Oakley Beginner

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    What he said ^^^^^