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Taking Oakley To A Different Level


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I wanted something different that would be a conversation piece when I was shopping for more Oakley!!!! I had these custom made a few years ago by my jeweler. The top one is the scatter skull, it was cast from a mini skull removed from the old black clip lanyard. The bottom one, was cast from the "O" logo on the large ballistic zippered vault. Both are solid. I am working on casting the small skull from the small 3d skull sticker, which is about 1.25" X 1.25". My other idea was casting either the new XX or Juliet coin.
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Oakley Jewels sound like Luxottica - style
i'm not impressed!

its done before, i had a customer who had a chain links that were icons with a scatter skull. that was almost 5 yrs ago
maybe ten years ago a bicycle store tried to sell some earring (the icon in gold)
and i just thought how gay is that?!?

an Oakley Tattoo is cool but jewels.... i don´t know
I got your point the first time that you don't like it. But is it necessary that you continue? I posted my Oakley tattoo below now maybe I am cool for you....
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it doesnt look right with the tiger instead of the monster dog

I respect that..... This picture came right from the Oakley site about 10 years ago when they had gallery section of different artist sketches. Do a simple google search and you will find a collage of all of them.

i don't wanna hurt any feelings! it's just an opinion.....
it´s like the BMW one series with Oakley car window. i just don´t like it!

PS: that tattoo make all fine

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