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  1. bhrea3

    bhrea3 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Stoped by local SGH today and tried on a few pairs and found my very soon to be 5th pair since joining the site. The Taper , I was really inmpressed with the fit, style, looks and it's metal , not really my style. The cement with black icons and black irridum lenses are the one. Can anyone tell me how new this model is ? I usually over look these type but today I got hooked as soon as put them on. If you havn't tried them I suggest you give them a try , especially you metal / wire lovers in here. If anyone has purchased this style let me know how you like them. I wasn't able to find much on the site or any reviews . My addiction is getting worse :)
    Last edited: 5/29/14
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    GDMFSOB Oakley Enthusiast

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    IMO when I tried them on, it reminded me of the c wire. Its nice but safe I would say?