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Taste Vs. Function Vs. Cheapskate


I should Work at Oakley
I've been going through different areas of the boards since I've joined, and I am now realizing how cheap I really am :sad:. Actually not cheap purposely (okay, maybe a little), but the styles I tend to like or am attracted to are usually the ones that have less of an impact on my wallet. Up to this point, I've always bought my glasses for their functionality and to be used and lightly abused. I like to do outdoor activities...fishing, diving, surfing, running, etc., so I always used models like the Half Jackets or Flak's. The unobtanium pieces really work well and that's what I've gotten used to. Fortunately, the HJ's and FJ's are 'affordable' for me, and I've actually picked up some really decent deals over the years. Actually, I don't recall ever buying a brand new pair from a store ever.

On the other hand, there are other styles that I like and that fit me well also. I've had or have Bottlecaps, Crosshair 2.0's, Felon's, Plates, (2) Frog's, Razrwire's and Monster Pups. Most of these also were "affordable". Out of those, the only ones I actually bought brand new from a store or vault were the Bottlecaps, Frog's and Plates ($60 from a Las Vegas Vault). And the only one I regret letting go were the Plates...sold them a couple of years ago for $50 :eek: (no wonder the guy I sold it to didn't care if they were used and abused).

Anyway, getting back to the subject. I guess if anyone is purchasing authentic Oakley's in any form, style or at any price...they're still getting one of the best made products in the world. So whether it be taste or function or just being a cheapskate, it's STILL OAKLEY!!! LOL

Which one are you?
I'd say im more of function and taste. I have lots of X-Metals (8, and one of each except R2; so not cheapskate lol), although i only buy if the deal is good (logical!). I buy my Radar's Flaks and Racing Jackets etc for Heavy sports, and my X-metals for everyday stylin. Then Ive got things like the classic Zero 0.4, new Zero, and a chrome M-Frame, and a Fatcat. All just they look awesome! (and surprisingly the Zeros are very functional, ultralight, although the otehr sports specifics do the job better..)

so yeah. haha
I'd say I am both. I can rock a different pair of frogs everyday for 2 weeks, but when I am out running, hiking, or playing sports I wear nothing but my flak jackets or split jackets. I wear the x squared on certain occassions, but if I am just ****in around town doing day to day stuff, it's a pair of frogs or brooks. I feel silly sometimes wearing my "jackets" for everyday use.
i'm just a addicted collector :eek:))


I started out as the cheapskate. I was 16 years old. Can you blame me? But as my income grew, so did my collection, but in the form of function. It wasn't until i joined this forum early this year that i started seeing how cool some of the more wild colorways are. So lately it's been about taste.

I think i'm still a healthy balance of all 3. I can't pass up a good deal (cheap), i usually only buy glasses i'll wear (function), and i love the wilder looks on some pairs (taste).
I'm mainly about taste. Not going to lie...if there is something I want, I will buy it whether or not the price is good. I wanted the Tron Gascan's for a long time. Took me about a year to find a decent deal ($200). Grabbed them instantly without hesitating lol. My bank hates me for it, but it is satisfying. I do make all of my pieces functional though, always changing out the lenses to find something that suits my style. Most of my frames have either a tungsten/titanium lens, or the Vr28 lenses installed. The only other lens option I use is the Dark Grey and Warm Grey.
i'm just a addicted collector :eek:))


Sometimes you see something that triggers another desire as well, example: I bought a pair of Atomic Orange Radars off another member on the forum over the weekend, so what do I do? I order myself a pair of Atomic Orange Jawbones, not because I needed them but because it will look awesome in the case together. Same day I picked up a pair of Eric Koston woodgrain Frogs, to complement my woodgrain Monfrio and the woodgrain Jupiter Squared I have coming.

Point is sometimes it's taste, function, or a good deal. But sometimes it's just because we're all straight up crazy for Oakley's. Look at the new thread started yesterday about the Molly Hijinx, the link in there I'm sure has help make a few sales. Wrist I'm sure bought the Holbrooks, and I know I pulled the trigger on a pair as soon as I saw them. It doesn't take members long to justify buying another pair of Oakley's, that's why guys have collections as big as they do. I'm at what will be 42 pairs, and even though I keep saying I'm done till after Christmas I know I'll faultier and buy more.

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