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Grease to hold them in place
Toothpick to line them up
Spread the orbital's just a little bit for clearance.
I was just gonna suggest the toothpick to help get them aligned and held in place. I always feel like I'm playing Operation when doing this...

My favorite is when you're trying to push one of those things in and it gets caught, bends and then flings off like a missile to lord knows where...

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I agree but I could not install 2+2 so far... was not able... looking for instructions
Take toothpick, break it in half. Take out T shock and put toothpick in between to lift gasket area a bit.

After that, can stack 2 gasket on top and two on earstem then slide in. Then use other half of toothpick, stick thru screw hole to line everything up.

After that, screw down and remove toothpick.


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I use these soldering picks with different length tips I shaped to help align the washers. I Also use these for doing XX and Juliet tune-ups to help align the pin and coupler.

Essentially the same as others suggestions to use a toothpick. This just allows a little better control and dexterity with the extended length.