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Thanx Jono


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Just arrived - Thanx Jono

How much was shipping, if I may ask?

shipping was around 40 odd usd? the old reason y i always use DHL is coz their tracking system is superb, they are fast as, the assurance is there that nothing would go wrong. Fedex is fantastic as well, but oh well, the DHL main office is like 5 mins from my place..so...=)
Wow.. that's cheap.. I'm looking to ship some frog skins to the UK and shipping with DHL is usd$ 250?!
how would you send the pair, that DHL want US$ 250 from you!??!
you have the moda3 now!
from the vanness are 1k in exist . . . you will find one easily