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  1. Alright, so maybe my insane work schedule has finally pushed me over the edge.

    For the first time in months I had the time today to sit down and do a tear down and cleaning of my XX. Pulled and boiled the rubbers, took out the lenses and hydrophic treated them (factory lens coating still as strong as ever!), and cleaned the frame with some soap and water.

    Then I put it all back together and gave it a final wipe down and that feeling hit me again that I had the first time I took them out of the bag; This pair is amazing. They aren't without their battle scars. A few light scuffs on the nose bridge and an arm from a drop while in the micro bag. A slightly more shiny spot on the nose from rubbing the micro bag when stored. A little flex in the nose and the rubbers not looking as pristine as they once did. Even still, they are beautiful. Masculine yet beautifully sculpted and somehow elegant, made all the more classy by the TiO2 finish.

    After so many years they continue to impress and draw looks, questions, and complements. It was a great feeling to get them back to sparkling clean again, and I even put them back in a brand new micro bag. I'll make a point not to wait so long next time.
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