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Hello everyone,

I have always wondered if there is a specific Oakley lens that would be great for pilots and flying. I do have a good amount of Oakley's and have even flown testing out different lenses (Actually got my private license testing out the Ice Iridium). I'd appreciate any feedback because I'm considering buying a pair of Custom Fuelcells with that lens.

Keep in mind that the lens CANNOT be polarized because the glass on the flight instruments are anti-glare and sometimes the canopies are polarized and there will be distortion.

I'm sure that this will help a lot of people in the aviation community that are tired of wearing Aviators :p


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I did see a pilot in a video or photo related to the BP oil spill wearing what looked like fire lenses. If I find the picture or video again I'll post the link. I don't know if they were oakleys but you'd think they were since pilots need eye protection in case of a crash.


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Yeah, I've taken a liking to the fire iridium when flying and I even saw a Delta captain rocking them hahaha he even had a huge Oakley sticker on his flight bag. I'm probably gonna buy some split jackets and switch between lenses depending on weather conditions....and I need a reason to get a pair of em haha.


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Although I don't fly myself, I would think an anti-reflective coating would be good. Sometimes I get a glare of my eyeball in the lenses I have without it. In a pinch, it might cause you to second guess things. Just a thought.


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I even saw a Delta captain rocking them
Not to second guess a First Officer, but I experience more reflected glare from Fire ir. than any of the others...
Myself, I prefer a contrast lens to better help define cloud.
Consider 24K gold ir. (13%) as a Fire alternative?


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I'm not a pilot, but I could see fire (or anything with a very heavy iridium coating) creating some glare/reflection issues. A VR28 black iridium might work well. It has the contrast lens and what seems to be a lighter iridium coating.

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