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If your head or face is larger than average you know it can be hard to buy sunglasses. Frames are too narrow, ear stems are too short, and the lenses don’t give you enough protection. 
But it doesn’t have to be this way!
There are plenty of great sunglasses for big faces if you know what to look for. Keep reading as we explain exactly what to look for in sunglasses for big and wide heads. Plus the 5 best sunglasses for big heads!

What to Look for in Sunglasses For Big Heads?
While people with larger heads often opt for the biggest sunglasses or lenses they can find, this isn’t always the best answer.
Finding the right size sunglasses for you is a balance between 4 key elements:

Lens Shape
Overall Fit

Now let’s breakdown each of these criteria:
Sunglasses Width
The first thing to look at when you’re buying sunglasses for big heads is the frame width. Especially for people with wide heads and faces, this is the most important element.
Wider sunglasses are going...

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But you can always get your local sunglass shop/optometrist to widen your sunglasses. They heat up the ear steams and then widen them.