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Oakley Beginner
Summer sports are coming up! And if you have baseball players in the house, it’s time to think about sunglasses. Because the last thing young players need is the sun glaring in their eyes in the outfield.

But kids also need eye protection, both from flying balls and bats, and UV rays. Practicing and playing on a sunny field means you need the right sunglasses that decrease UV exposure. And we all know that a baseball to the eye is no laughing matter.

Keep reading as we explain exactly what to look for in baseball sunglasses for your kids. Plus we’ll give you our choices for the best youth baseball sunglasses, and answer the most popular questions about buying sunglasses for your young athlete.

Table of Contents

What to Look for in Kids’ Baseball...
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Oakley Enthusiast
Love Oakleys, but Under Armour or Nike may have some good values too. Size will be tricky so makes sense to try them on.