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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by Wavecloud Customs, 3/2/16.

  1. Wavecloud Customs

    Wavecloud Customs Premium Member

    These landed today!

    Got lucky on the bay, an honest seller, good price, and first off the mark!

    He said he was inundated with messages asking about the serial number etc :)

    Near mint condition, boxed with all paperwork and share rubbers, Soft Vault Boxed and even a spare lens cleaning kit!

    Sometime I LOVE eBay :D

    THE Classic :) - IMG_2997.JPG
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  2. Wavecloud Customs

    Wavecloud Customs Premium Member

    serial - X027962
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  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Very nice! Congrats! :)
    Wavecloud Customs likes this.

  4. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member

    Looking goood , well done.
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  5. thisguy


    Those look great!
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  6. pjd1234


    Grats bro. I hope to get one in the near future
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  7. BHarry


    Very nice pair... and is that Blue Steel... or Magnum :cool-33:
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  8. OakleyGuru379


    Very cool!
    Wavecloud Customs likes this.

  9. SMman


    Damn it! Now I REALLY regret selling my x-metal/ruby pair :mad:. Those look great. Congrats :cool-33:
    Wavecloud Customs likes this.

  10. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats on getting a nice pair. Loving that colorway.
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