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Since the inception of the 3rd Generation in 2007 there have been a number of pairs planned for release, even set up with a part code, to then seemingly escape any concrete evidence they exist. Mystery and intrigue are created as a result. Any truth as to why such pairs appear to have stalled at birth seems to be confined to any employees of Oakley involved in the intended releases, leaving any facts hard to ascertain. The aim of this thread therefore is to attempt to gain knowledge about any of the following pairs, especially to confirm if indeed any actually exist.

Blue - Ice OO9013-08
Handpainted Clear - Violet. TRANSIT COLLECTIVE
Handpainted White - +Red. TRANSIT COLLECTIVE
Matte Black - Black OO9013-41 D'PAT DAZZLE
Matte Dark Green - Fire Polarized OO9013-42 D'PAT DAZZLE
Matte Dark Grey - Grey OO9013-40 D'PAT DAZZLE
Matte Snakeskin - Gold 24-178
Matte White - Grey OO9013-49
Motion Black - Chrome 24-385 ERIC KOSTON
Motion Silver - Chrome 24-384 ERIC KOSTON
Polished Black (?) - Grey (?). OSHEAGA 2012 (Lens etched)
Red - Fire OO9013-06
Snow Deck Orange - Fire 24-392 CRAFTSMAN
Surf Deck Blue - Ice 24-383 CRAFTSMAN
White - Violet OO9013-07

To start with a few observations within my own experience, I feel sure that both the Transit Collective were never made, as this link seems to reveal..
I have found no images, or anything to show any of the OO9013 pairs exist, although 06, 07, and 08 appear so close to the Heritage 34, 35, and 36 pairs to suggest there is more than just a coincidence.
Osheaga is a mystery to me, I would have thought had this been sold at the festival back in 2012 there would have been at least 50 to satisfy likely interest, but that begs the question why seemingly nothing has surfaced either for sale or a close up pic of the lens etching, after all, it would be a cool pair to 'show off' if you had one. Maybe none were sold, and only a handful like 5 only were made and given to people like organizers or musicians, who may have been unaware of the nature of what they had and these could be now lost in the void. Maybe it was planned but never made, and all that exists is the rumour.
I would believe the Snow and Surf were actually made, there are pictures, but I think there is more to it than that. These were not like a Blade II OTT, a Blue Flores, or a Brown Juliet that did make it to retail but were pulled within a heartbeat, the Frogskins appear to have had issues with the arm/orbital connection resulting in halting production and aborting the pieces, if so, what happened to the glasses? how many could have been made to begin with? could they have been destroyed, and if that happened, then they would not exist. There have been suggestions a 'few got out' but is this a known fact? would an employee have the freedom to take any? Have any 100% true and genuine pairs been identified versus the custom pairs that have the potential to pass off as originals? The likelihood is any pairs made did not get a sku print, and a labelled box with a microbag equally may not have applied to these initial 'samples', although the microbags themselves do exist. The problem may be that even if a real pair exists, is proving it is the Real McCoy.
I have seen no pictures or evidence of either Koston, although there appears to be a microbag that must relate to the releases, equally I have heard nothing as to why these appear to have been scrapped.
It is probably impossible to prove beyond doubt something does not exist, but as time passes, and with no proof of identity, it seems possible these pieces will remain a myth. I would welcome any information anyone has to shed light on the subject.

For a concise list of Frogskins, please refer to:

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Agreed. Definitely interesting. Some of the pairs sound really cool too. Thanks for the information as usual. Spot one bud


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The surf deck does exist as most know now. There were 6 only . I've been told by an is inside source that 1 stayed at foothill and 5 others made it out. I know where all 6 are now if it's true that one stayed at hq.

I have 1.
There is one in Texas
One in Italy
One in Ohio
One in Idaho
And the one at hq

I still find it hard to believe only 6 were made but who knows.. the information on this was given to me by someone who is very connected. Anyway you are so very right Ash... the arms on mine will literally fly off if I'm wearing them and try to move them to my head. It's very annoying but still cool that it makes them unique. There unfortunately is no micro bag for these 6 pairs. It was supposed to look like the garage rock craftsman bag only smaller of course. Perhaps Oakley made a couple but they are not with any of these 6 pairs. Definitely interesting. I love prototypes they always seem more fun to come across. The surf was also meant to come with ice polar. Which I know 4 of the 6 have. 3 of the 6 have the sky number the other 3 do not. All this is very cool IMO

Cool thread @Romeo Van Frogskinstein

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