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The Frogskins That Don't Exist...Or Do They?

Romeo Van Frogskinstein

Oakley Expert
Surf Deck - Ice Craftsman have turned up over time confirming existence, however the real attraction is if any pairs have the 24-383 sku print on the left arm, the only example I have ever known that has it is my own pair.
Be mindful this Frogskin can relatively easily be customized so any that appear do have this question as to their authenticity hanging over them. As a side issue the small Surf Deck bag is a significant addition to any genuine pair as these seem near impossible to find.

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OG Oakley Collector
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A Creek in AZ
The surf deck does exist as most know now. There were 6 only . I've been told by an is inside source that 1 stayed at foothill and 5 others made it out. I know where all 6 are now if it's true that one stayed at hq.

I have 1.
There is one in Texas
One in Italy
One in Ohio
One in Idaho
And the one at hq

I still find it hard to believe only 6 were made but who knows.. the information on this was given to me by someone who is very connected. Anyway you are so very right Ash... the arms on mine will literally fly off if I'm wearing them and try to move them to my head. It's very annoying but still cool that it makes them unique. There unfortunately is no micro bag for these 6 pairs. It was supposed to look like the garage rock craftsman bag only smaller of course. Perhaps Oakley made a couple but they are not with any of these 6 pairs. Definitely interesting. I love prototypes they always seem more fun to come across. The surf was also meant to come with ice polar. Which I know 4 of the 6 have. 3 of the 6 have the sky number the other 3 do not. All this is very cool IMO

Cool thread @Romeo Van Frogskinstein
Ummm, I have one so now you know where 5 are...lol


Staff member
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Georgetown, ON.
Ummm, I have one so now you know where 5 are...lol
Brother..lol. that was an old post. I ended up having like 6 or so of them. Also the ever elusive snow deck. I sold em all off though. Even their specific Mico bags.


RVF owns them now.

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