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  1. big bopper

    big bopper Oakley Enthusiast

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    ....or how to get a single wide from Westgate on Sea to Leeds.

    There's a seller down there I can probably strike a deal with but it's a 600 mile round trip from hell on some of the most congested motorways in the UK. He might be able to deliver but his mate who would be doing it has no idea when he'll be up here again, if at all.

    So here's the long shot, the Hail Mary. Anyone by chance heading that way who could take it home that is a bit closer to Leeds? Any van/lorry drivers who might be heading in that vicinity on a pickup/dropoff that could assist? Any employees of a logistics company who could arrange for it to slip it quietly onto an forty footer?!

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  2. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    I can't help you, but the seller is a legit guy. If I had an idea how to organize a 1200 mile trip, I would buy what you want to buy ;)