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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by slvrdragn69, 7/4/11.

  1. slvrdragn69


    A few people were asking about this so I figured I would throw up a few pictures of it as requested. It is the last Carbon Fiber C-Six ever made and was supposed to stay in Oakley's possession so they would have it in their museum. So much for that idea...

    Whole shot

    The Last Carbon C-Six - img0626j.jpg

    The plaque

    The Last Carbon C-Six - img0627py.jpg

    Left outer arm

    The Last Carbon C-Six - img0080id.jpg

    Right outer arm

    The Last Carbon C-Six - img0078dp.jpg

    No. 250/250

    The Last Carbon C-Six - img0625pb.jpg

    Hope you all enjoy!
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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    N° 1 of 250 would be awesome!
    N° 250 is still an piece of Oakley history....

  3. slvrdragn69


    No 1 is apparently the one that they did keep in their museum. Would definitely be an awesome piece to add to any collection. Love the C-Six. I wear my aluminum regularly...

  4. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    how is the weight from this C-Six....
    can you compare it with the carbon model?

  5. slvrdragn69


    To be exact... The weight of the aluminum C-Six is exactly 2.00 oz. The weight of the carbon fiber C-Six is exactly 1.600 oz. So to be completely honest there isn't much of a weight difference. You can feel a very slight difference but not enough to say wow that's a huge difference.

    That work for ya?

  6. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    that´s not realy a different....

  7. yoshi1984


    is the elite icon also carbon fiber? it doesnt look like it.
    That's awesome you wear your aluminum c-six. how do they fit?



    where are #250?

  9. slvrdragn69


    No it's not carbon fiber... sadly. I believe it is the same material that the pit boss's have on the frames. not 100% sure though. I absolutely love my aluminum c-six. It fits great and with the beta titanium core on the stem it makes for a nice sort of spring hinge against itself. They stay really cool too because of the aluminum frame so its really nice. They don't seem to fit anyone with a wider face that I have seen at least. All in all I think they are an amazing glass look, fit, feel and as a collectible...

    As for #250 and where it is... It will be in my possession for a while. It is in a locked safe inside my stores vault that no one except me and the owner have a key to. It's a cool feeling though to have them in hand and to have tried them on...

  10. qtrain23



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