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The Lens Review Thread


Double Team
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Portland, OR
I have not seen this on here yet and I think it'd be good to have one so people can see members opinions on lenses. Here is the format for a lens review:

Frame (optional):
Lighting environment worn:
Rating (1-5):
Brief summary of opinion:
I'll start.

Lens: Black Iridium
Frame (optional): Flak Jacket
Lighting environment worn: Sunny
Rating (1-5): 5
Brief summary of opinion: This lens is perfect to wear on a sunny day. Made on a standard grey base, BI offers a neutral base for no enhancing contrast whoch is what I personally prefer on a sunny day. Dark enough to block out intense light on a bright day.
I'll bite.

Lens: Titanium Iridium Polarized
Frame: Juliet 24K and X Squared 24K
Lighting environment worn: any (I have light sensitive eyes, I can wear 9% transmission lenses on rainy days with no issues) but for most, Sunny.
Rating (1-5): 5
Summary: An incredibly versatile lens that is blissful to look through and incredible to look at-maybe the most "classy" lens the company makes and somehow is a Bronze base....that doesn't look brownish from the outside. Bronze base and heavy Iridium coating provides a moderate contrast that is effective enough to be easily wearable in overcast conditions but not so aggressive as to make it unwearable on sunny days. Not a very common lens but IMO its one of 6 or 7 best lenses currently in production.
Lens: VR28
Frame (optional): Half Jacket XLJ, M-Frame Strike
Lighting environment worn: Bright sun, cloudy days, grey overcast days
Rating (1-5): 5 (best)
Brief summary of opinion: Absolutely a joy to wear in most conditions. If the sun starts to peak out from behind the clouds and the day gets really bright I do have issue with the lens not being dark enough and I start squinting, but this lens is wonderful in the daytime with anything but direct sunlight.

The best feature is the contrasting qualities between colors. Red, yellow, and orange (warm colors) will be intensified, and overall contrast between all colors is increased. This definitely allows you to find and notice road signs with ease.

Lens: Gold iridium polarized
Frame (optional): Flak Jacket XLJ
Lighting environment worn: Bright sun
Rating (1-5): 3
Brief summary of opinion: These lenses give everything a uniform golden brown tint and don't provide the same type of contrast as VR28. From the color they don't appear as dark as the transmission rating, which is good in some aspects. Overall not very thrilling, and the outward appearance isn't as clean and bright as 24K, much more of a muted iridium.

Lens: Emerald Iridium
Frame (optional): Holbrook
Lighting environment worn: Bright and medium sun
Rating (1-5): 4
Brief summary of opinion: These lenses could be darker, it was hard for me to use them in intense light without squinting. Awesome colored mirror that is pretty unique, and a neutral gray transmission. If you're not as light sensitive and can wear standard gray on a sunny day Emerald would be a great lens, but just didn't do the job for me.
Deep Blue Polarized

Straight Jacket

almost every condition


Using those for fishing mostly and they do an awesome job. Reducing glare, helping to spot fishes. Very versatile during partly cloudy wheather as well. Good but not perfect in direct sunlight, compared to ice or black. Beautiful from the outside. Not too easy to clean.

VR 28 Black Iridium


almost every condition


Nice everyday lenses. Subtle iridium coating, classy from the outside, not flashy. Gives everything a kind of rosy tint. Wearers eyes can be seen sometimes, not perfect for very bright days. Contrast increasing well balanced.

G30 Titanium Iridium


almost every condition


Pretty rare lenses, very good for everyday use as well, same rosy tint when looking through. Stronger iridium coating compared to VR 28 Black Iridium. Classy and kind of special from the outside, perfect when you want to dress up for a date or a business meeting. Not perfect for very bright days. Titanium etching. Contrast increasing well balanced.

H.I. Persimon Iridium

Flak Jacket



Perfect lens for overcast days. Brighten up everything. "Ecstasy for the eyes" when the world is grey... Very subtle iridium coating, of course not made for sunny days.
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium
Frame: Split Jacket
Lighting environment worn: Bright cloudy day, forest environment
Rating (1-5): 5
Brief summary of opinion: These lenses are my main choice for everyday situations in my Split Jacket. Great contrast and very easy and soothing on the eyes. It is great and even on a bright day I'm not having any issues. I decided to use these on a bike ride through the mountains and it was great most of the time as well except for in a few well covered areas. Great overall lens with a lot of versatility.
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Great thread. I only have recent experience with two Oakley lenses but for what it is worth :

Lens: Blue Iridium
Frame: Frogskins
Lighting envirement worn: All types of daylight
Rating: 5
Brief summary of opinion: Great all around lens. With a grey base for natural color perception. Which I find very effective for all types of daylight except very bright sun on the bright end of the spectrum and overcast evening light on the other.

Lens: Pink Iridium
Frame: Frogskins
LEW: Overcast days
Rating: 4
Brief summary of opinion: Nice lens for overcast days and evening daylight. Gives of a slight yellow to green tint looking through it. This is not disturbing to me.
Lens: Ti Clear
Frame: Juliet Polished or Plasma Japan exclusives (a gen 3 Frog Ti Clear would be awesome!)
Lighting environment worn: consistently overcast.
Rating: Perfect 5.
Brief summary of opinion: Not bright enough to benefit from 9-40% transmissions, and 60%+ transmissions too high, Ti Clear (and Gold Clear) are both essential lenses for me to just trim off slight brightness, I find when the conditions are perfect for these two lenses, no other lens provides the same advantage. In bright sun any one of numerous options will suffice.

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