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The Next HDO 3D Gascan...

I don't know if it's about how much money a film will bring in, even though it makes financial sense. I have yet to use my Tron 3D Gascans for any movie and have yet to see anyone in a theater use any Oakley 3DO frames.

I think the reason Oakley decided to make the Tron and Transformers edition 3D Gascans is because there's a cult following for each of the franchises. Avatar was a great movie as far as special effects go, but the story was done before (Pocahontas meets Dances with Wolves). I highly doubt Avatar (as a franchise) will become anything close to what Tron and Transformers is currently.

Harry Potter would be hilarious, but i doubt teenagers would blow that kind of money on high end 3D glasses.

I think it'd be really cool if they did a general "Marvel" themed frame instead of a specific movie like, the Avengers or Spider-man. Aside from Cyclops wearing Juliets and the custom visors, the Blade movies made use of Oakley frames as well and is also a Marvel story.
i hope, if they do another pair 3D glasses, that they don´t made a Gascan again!
and they should make a comic-style!!!
Dark Knight

I read that Dark Knight won't be in 3D, the director Christopher Nolan isn't a fan, he much prefers IMAX, so there will be more IMAX specific shots in the movie but no 3D, and therefore no possible Oakley Dark Knight 3D glasses.