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Hey everyone, we just broke the 500 member mark! So in order to celebrate this milestone The Oakley Forum is giving away a pair of Brand New Polished White/Matte White/Black Iridium Oakley Fuel Cells! A $110 Value! Here is a pic:

Here's how to enter:
1) Sign up and become a member of The Oakley Forum by registering here:

2) Then show your support and Like us on Facebook: The Oakley Forum | Facebook or Follow us on Twitter: Welcome to Twitter - Login or Sign up

3) Finally just make a quick post in this thread containing, What country you are from & Why you love Oakley's! Now you are all done and officially entered to win your pair of Free Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses!

Here are the Official Rules:
4) Posting in this thread acts as your official entry into the contest to win the Polished White/Matte White/Black Iridium Oakley Fuel Cells valued at $110.

5) The contest will run from Tuesday May 24. 2011 10:30 PM EDT to June 10th 2011 at 12:01 am EDT

6) On June 10th 2011 at 12:01 am EST, a random winner will be selected from this thread and the winner will be announced on the forum and contacted via email! Make sure to use a valid email which you check in order to know if you won.

7) Once the winner is chosen he will be emailed regarding his shipping address, and will be sent his prize. We kindly request that the winner post pictures of his new pair of Oakley Fuel Cells on The Oakley Forum!

8) Also it should be noted that all entries will be checked for duplicate IP addresses, meaning you cannot register multiple accounts. If you do create multiple accounts to sign up for the contest, you will be disqualified from the contest.

Enjoy, and best of luck! Now go and check out the rest of the site!

*Update* The Glasses just arrived in the mail, so I snapped some pics, here they are:


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Chicago, IL
USA! why do i love oakley, simple enough, personally one of the greatest brands out there. always pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. been wear them for 8 years and feel in love with them before that. i will never wear anything else, i work at oakley and cant see a better job either. the best all around in everything.


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All the way down from the PHILIPPINES! i love oakley because of the magnificent engineering design and very fashionable.


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USA, I love Oakley because they well built glasses that your protect your eyes amazingly and they are stylish!


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I just recently fell in love with Oakley gear. I'm the proud owner of Oakley M-Frame Strikes, and broken Gascans :cry: But that was my fault, I stepped on them, still saddens me.

I love Oakley for so many different reasons. I actually just had an argument with a few buddies over this the other day.

While choosing a pair of sunglasses is mostly personal preference, from a purely argumentative standpoint, Oakley is the best that money can buy. Their technology is unbeatable. The HDO lenses are just simply superior to all others in clarity and sharpness. Their polarized lenses are second to none. If you drive (like me) polarized lenses are a great asset to have so you are not constantly blinded by reflections and you will be able to see what you're doing. The UV protection is actually 100% unlike other glasses, which you may not know, but actually helps your eyes. The impact resistance is OUTSTANDING. Which is why I wear my M-Frames when I play airsoft, and soldiers around the world choose Oakley to protect their eyes.

On to the personal preference part, style. In my honest opinion, Oakley has the sharpest looking glasses on the market. I'm known at my school as "Shades" because I always have my Oakleys with me, and they look as sharp as ever. With so many different frames and tints to choose from, the options are almost limitless. The Oakley "O" is an icon I fell in love with at first sight. I actually used it in a few art projects this year.

I don’t know if anyone actually read this, or if the content matters, but this is just a BRIEF description of why I love Oakley sunglasses.

I could always use another pair. :D

wal 93

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Australia, I love oakley because they keep the sun outta my eyes and mud and dust and wind outta my helmet better then everything else :)


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Here's my official entry! Those look great, I might just go out and get those even if I don't win....

From the USA, and I love Oakley because it's a brand you can really get behind. They put 110% in everything they do, from Sandals to C-SIX's, bike grips to microfiber bags, Standard Issue to The Vault, they really are a solid, well-built American made company that I am proud of every time I wear my apparel, showing my pride! The fact that I went to an Oakley store just 2 hours ago while on a business trip and spent $169 on their apparel, no sunglasses included, just because they had different stuff 1,000 miles away from my local store is a testament of how much I love this company!

Oakley Elite logo tattoo coming soon.............


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I'm from the USA, I fell in love with Oakley when I saw the first Blade ads in the cycling magazines I would read when I was in high school. The black background contrasted by the fire iridium lens, and the Thermonuclear Protection slogan hooked me for good.

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