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  1. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Since we don't really have one and surely can use one....... If your asking why here and why now, its mainly because the forum is growing and once you have access to the exchange threads, shipping is something that is overlooked. If you have additional info please add something helpful. Lets try to keep discussions to a minimum....This thread is not for telling your bad shipping experience, its to help buyers and sellers....

    Whether you make a deal in the exchange threads, sell on eBay, or ship something to someone. Shipping an item is an important step which is overlooked by many.

    1. First thing is first, know what your selling and make sure you have the proper box, envelope, or package to ship your item in. Don't wait till its sold to try and stuff it into a box and try to make it fit. Also please don't use something like cereal boxes, macaroni boxes, or old broken boxes you try to repair with scotch tape. You are selling some expensive stuff get a box ahead of time that works. Whatever you do DON'T use a flat padded shipping envelope for a X Metal frame!

    2. Packing, think about it folks, 12 sheets of paper towels, wrapped around a $500 pair of Romeo's just doesn't work. You just made some great cash, take pride in wrapping that item, the buyer wants it presentable when it arrives, buy a roll of bubble wrap or something similar and make sure you wrap it carefully. add some extra to make sure the frame isn't bouncing around in a box that is way too big. Take pride in it as they just spent a lot of money!

    3. USPS...... How many of you have signed up for your own USPS online account??????? If you have not then you really need to. Whether its USPS, UPS or FedEx, shipping online is a breeze, hassle free and saves you $$$. What does it offer? Money, time and hassle savings. First thing is download Google Chrome, its much better the Internet Explorer (I.E.), go to the USPS website and sign up. Buy yourself a small electronic scale for $15 and get ready to make your life easier. Printing your own shipping labels at home are a breeze, plus you can save the info of the buyer and reuse the info if they buy again. You can also email their shipping info to them and they can open up the link and follow the tracking. Signing up is easy and saves you in the end when you don't feel like going to the post office and standing there while morons fill out the labels and wrap crap they bought their nephews while waiting in line.

    4. Shipping type. Ok here's where it gets sticky, forget it..... Online shipping does not provide you with a first class shipping option. If you want to wait in line to save $3.00 then by all means you can stop reading now and keep your comments to yourself. Priority shipping starts at $5.45 and gives you free tracking, and free insurance up to $50 automatically. You can use your own box and ship at that cost up to 6 ounces. That's a frame and two sets of well packed lenses. If your gonna use flat rate boxes, they are free, well then there ya go!!! ( remember #1 above) The rate is set and fill that box up to the hilt!!!!!! I will only ship priority on the forum, when i sell on eBay I give buyers shipping options. First class can take 5-7 days depending on where its going. Priority can take 3 days maybe less, rarely more unless something gets held up.

    4.5 (I had to add this one) When the kind buyer pays...... Ship it ASAP, no excuses people, get it done, they paid you soooooooooo don't delay! Nothing more then a fast payment and a seller saying I will ship it on Saturday, and its Monday. Sure, everyone is busy and works, stuff comes up, etc. Put it in the WTS post and let the buyer know. Don't play games, once maybe twice it can happen, but if you continually do it, you maybe on the receiving end of a Paypal dispute.... Just sayin...

    5. Shipping charges...... Be reasonable people. Shipping a BNIB Juliet online will cost you about $6.00 with priority. Want insurance? use the calculator and let the buyer know how much it will be. Don't just guess, the calculator tells you the exact amount. Be honest, because we eventually know what it costs.....

    6. Shipping overseas or to Canada. Weigh it and let the buyer know. I shipped priority to the U.K. and it was $56 for one 8oz box. Check the cost first, don't guess and then tell the buyer later after they have already paid.

    I wanted to get this thread started and give members the opportunity to prepare ahead of time when they sell stuff. I know I missed some stuff and will add to it...Kinda tired right now......
    Last edited: 4/15/14
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  2. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    nice thread!
  3. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I think perhaps the most important thing is for both parties to know and agree on the shipping info (cost, type, source, tracked/untracked, etc) prior to closing a deal.

    For buyers, don't assume everything will be shipped priority and include tracking. If the listing doesn't identify how it will be shipped, ask. If you don't ask and it ships first class with no tracking, it's your fault for not finding out.

    For sellers, don't assume your buyer is on the same page as you on the shipping. Communicate to them what to expect.
  4. Supero100

    Supero100 Oakley Enthusiast

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    7. PM a photo of the receipt or screenshot showing the tracking number and delivery address or delivery zip.

    This is a good thread
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  5. Missilemission

    Missilemission Oakley Enthusiast

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    Very helpful for us, the International based members.
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  6. Dallas O Hog

    Dallas O Hog O.C.D. Oakley Collecting Disorder haha Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Also make a label. Don't write on tape the box was used to seal the box. Can rub off and get lost
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  7. Typhoon

    Typhoon Oakley Enthusiast

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    Do offer overseas buyers a cheaper option. A boxed Juliet US to UK cost $12.75 by First Class International. Had many come through just fine in around 7 working days or so.
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  8. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I'm terrible with this one.

    I also use First Class more often. But anything worth over $100 gets Priority and appropriate insurance.
  9. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    Someone on here wrote a thread on how to pack a pair of glasses that was great. Was it you Russ? Maybe a link to that thread at the top post.
  10. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I wrote something pretty lengthy at one point. Let me delve into the archives and look for it.