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  1. BigRich

    BigRich Oakley Expert

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    I saw a pair of new Pit Bull Livestrong on eBay. Current bid was $55. I put it on my watch list as it was ending at 5am my time, and before I went to bed I forgot to place a bid for up to $80 and I woke this morning after the end of the auction. It went for the $55. Kicking myself hard on this one.
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  2. STavros

    STavros Land of the Gods and ....Molon Lave

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    I think the ending of auctions at really hardcore time is number 1 factor for missing a lot of stuff i was watching:)
  3. oz-olskool

    oz-olskool Oakley Beginner

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    Spewin mate
    I do the same I am usaully disappointed what I missed out on.
    On the other hand I have woken at silly o'clock.
    Set a maximum and then got $20 over the amount and still loose out.