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The Progression Of X


And then there was X...
Falls Church, VA
I'm looking at the O-Review on the chronology of the X-Metals and wondering how many years it takes for them to put out something new in hopes to find out how long the wait will be until we see a new X-Metal.

Romeo 1: 1997-2004
Mars: 1998-2002
Juliet: 1999 - Present
XX: 1999 - 2006
Penny: 2001 - 2004
Romeo 2: 2004 - 2011
Half X: 2008 - Present
X-Squared: 2009 - Present

So going by those years, hopefully we'll be seeing something new soon.

Anyone know if the Romeo 2 and Half X are still being produced? I want to say that my recent trips to the O Store and the Vault I didn't see a single Half X or Romeo 2.
You can only get the Juliet, X-Squared, and Half-X at the moment on Oakley.com.

I'm guessing the Half-X is going to go next. I think Oakley's current cash cows on the X Metals is the Juliet and possibly the X-Squared. They both seem to sell really well. If i was going to guess what's coming next and going off of current model trends, maybe a Juliet 2.0 is in the works?
If i was going to guess what's coming next and going off of current model trends, maybe a Juliet 2.0 is in the works?
No no no no no no! I demand new and never before seen! LOL

I'd like to think that the X-Metal line is the final bastion of the Oakley of old and to settle into simply revamping old models may cause me to just get the vintage stuff and call it a day. At least the Romeo 2 was a complete redesign of the 1 but it still puzzles me as to why they even called it a Romeo at all.

So the Romeo 2 is retired right?
I miss those X-metal's of old. I'm not fighting over a x-squared. I want a new x-metal. Stop all this re-hashing....I guess the oakley x-metal designers' just stopped trying..
good lord...1,000 time. Time for a camera and to take a picture for this special moment where i show off how i have no life! *dance*
I personally believe we will not see another X Metal. I don't think it figures into the future plans of a Lux owned Oakley. I still assert the only reason we saw the Pit Boss and X Squared was because they were in development before Jim sold. And had hard as this might be to believe...I don't think any X Metals will be in production in 10 years

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